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Champagne Supernova

The Nine

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This is a community dedicated to the Champagne Supernova. Or The Nine, if you will.

We stand for dancing in the rain, speeding down the road with windows open and singing at the top of our lungs, Teetering, trespassing in parks, intoxication, drug experimentation, social consciousness, liberalism, offensive humor, dancing in kitchens, daquiris, cookie dough, closed captions for the hearing impaired, drinking games, dumpstering donuts, hysterical laughter, losing things, and being utterly ridiculous while still maintaining that we're better than everyone else.

We're the friends who were later told that we were a clique, but never knew it.

We know each other better than our own parents know us, and there's a glue that's held us together, through thick, thin, messy, emotional, happy, carefree, and everything in between.

A toast. To us.

To Ovarian, Yam, Goose[/Wheels], Sheep, Chips, Fish, Virile, Lini, and our favorite gay boy.