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I'm posting this here because I don't have people's emails these days, and also we all did spend a lot of time at the twins' house and this regards their neighbors.

Meg and Mere, you may already know this but Eliot Berlin, Zoe's dad was diagnosed with cancer recently. It's very serious, to the point where my mom first heard that it was terminal. They're treating it aggressively with chemo.

I just thought you ought to know if you didn't already.


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Yes, it's true, we now have a Champagne Supernova facebook group, because the government doesn't give Petra enough to do during working hours.

Go do whatever. Use it and abuse it. Because we all clearly need a new group to join.

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So, as about.. one of you has heard, I'm scrapping my Chicago trip. And my arrival date in DC is now earlier.

So, the official dates of P-in-DC are August 3rd to August 12th.

I'm wondering if people are interested in a little day trip up to Baltimore around Wednesday the 9th. The Bridge are playing at the old Funk Box (now the 8x10). Excellent funk.

I'm looking to get the posse out to do something together, y'know.

P.S. Who will go with me to see Pirates 2 (again, since I know you've all seen it.)

You guys have to get me caught up on everything I've missed in the past nine weeks.
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I'm listening to "One" from Chorus Line while attempting to study for a final I have on Monday, and I was just curious if anyone else remembered the routine we did for this song senior year, along with "Nothing"? I really wish I could remember it...
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Cool! Thanks for responding! I will be home in about three weeks from now. I will be waiting tables as well Mere, is it ok if I join you on the unproductivity? I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, Petra, we gotta party while you're in town! Molly, we definitely need to go up and visit you. Meg and Mere, I'll be with you guys! Woo!