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What: A Thanksgiving party!

Where: My house, because it is big and going to be empty for a couple days.

When: Either Friday or Saturday depending on what is convenient for everyone and when I'm getting back from West Virginia

Who: Everyone in the Champagne Supernova (that's Megan, Meridith, Petra, Emily, Anna, Malini, Tarin, Sonja, and me!) as well as any long lost friends in the area who turn up at random.

Why: Because we haven't seen each other in way to long and it worked so well last year.

How: Show up. Bring mind altering substance of your choice or money to purchase said mind altering substance. Also, feel free to contribute food, music, or decorations.

My thought is that, if I'm getting back on Friday instead of Saturday and its convenient for people, we can have a rocking party, everyone can crash if they need to, and then I have a day to clean up before the 'rents return. Questions, comments, suggestions?
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NOOOOOOOOOO!!! I am so sad I'm going to miss the fiesta. but when I get back from Italy, we are going to have another get-to-gether with everyone. we MUST. have fun at the party, but not too much without me (because that's impossible)
It won't be the same without you, darling. And we shall party hard upon your return. (When are you returning anyway?)
aww thanks! I will be back on dec 17th I think pretty late. so we will save the partying for the 18th! you'll be back by then, right?
I'm coming back on the 18th I think. We're staying a couple extra days in a hotel after finals.
With me in the heezy, it's going to be a good time.

Also, everyone who is interested in certain altering substances that are NOT of the liquid variety, please contact me ASAP by email.

Will be there. And now, you have a legal person to go get alcohol: ME!
Pfft. Like it's ever been a problem for me to illegally obtain it.

We need liquor.
Yaaaay you too!
And P.S...

Molly and I will be ingesting some certain pills. Would you like to join?

Yaaaay you!